Nob Hill Business Spotlight

“Nob Hill is known for it’s unique spots for fun and entertainment, and Empire Board Game Library has plenty of it! With a collection of over 500 games for visitors to choose from and play as well as much more available for purchase, there is no other place in all of Albuquerque that you could find all these board games. If you’re looking for something a little different to keep you and your friends excited before or after a night out, make sure to stop by Empire at 3503 Central Ave NE and play until your heart’s content!”

Source: Nob Hill Main Street April 20, 2018

ABQ ToDo Crew: Duke City Weekend

“On the second Monday of every month, the Aux Dog Theatre puts on an interactive theater event with Empire Board Games Library this month's event is July 10.” …

Source: KRQE Jul 7, 2017

Nob Hill Store Caters to Board Game Revival

“Nob Hill and Albuquerque needed this, a place for normal adults to interact with each other – but not in a bar or restaurant,” [Rory] said. “There are not a lot of options that do not involve alcohol. And we are an incredibly safe place for women. When I opened up, that was one thing I wanted to make sure of.” …

Source: Albuquerque Journal May 19, 2017

Play with your Food

Game Demonstration (
“Even better, this isn’t some dingy nerd den with stained carpet and falling ceiling tiles. This is a bright, spacious café that blends right in with its Nob Hill neighbors. The staff is friendly and eager to help you with food and drink, as well as selecting a game appropriate for the time you want to spend” …

Source: Alibi Jun 10, 2015

Local Board Game Cafe Hosts Round-the-Clock Fundraiser

“Albuquerque’s Empire Board Game Library is ready to pull an all-nighter for a good cause.The Nob Hill gaming cafe will host a 24-hour fundraiser this weekend to support the University of New Mexico’s Children’s Hospital.” …

Source: Albuquerque Journal Nov 3, 2015

This Library has Games Galore Promoting Play

“Rory Veronda would like you to think outside the Monopoly box. He wants you to see past the Scrabble board. Look beyond the Yahtzee cup. Veronda doesn’t have anything against the classics, but the entrepreneur behind Albuquerque’s first board game cafe has so much more to offer – another 597 or so other options, in fact.” …

Source: Albuquerque Journal April 20, 2015

Nob Hill to get a New Board Game Library and Cafe

“It will offer a catalog of more than 600 board games, “from Monopoly to games you’ve never heard of” …

Source: Albuquerque Journal Feb 10, 2015

Board Game Cafe to Make Moves in Nob Hill

“People love coffee, and they love to play board games. Pretty soon the two will mix as a first-of-its-kind business is coming to Nob Hill. Outside the old No. 13 Boutique on Central NE near Carlisle, News 13 has learned of plans to open the Empire Board Game Library.” …

Source: KRQE Feb 10, 2015