Anachrony Essential Edition

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It is the late 26th century.

Earth is recovering from a catastrophic explosion that exterminated the majority of the population and made most the surface uninhabitable. The surviving humans organized along four radically different ideologies: Harmony, Dominance, Progress, and Salvation. Living in isolation in the safety of their capitals, the four Paths maintain a fragile but lasting peace.

Now an even more terrible cataclysm is looming on the horizon: an asteroid is heading towards Earth. But thanks to the recently discovered Time Rifts, the Paths won't be caught off-guard this time: it is up to their leaders to prepare, survive, and reunite the world under their banner once the dust settled.

 • Worker Placement with Exosuits - Enhance your workers with Exosuits to protect them outside of your Path Capital.

 • Specialized Worker Management System - Recruit workers of four different types, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

 • Endgame Twist in Gameplay - Prepare for the impact and adjust your strategy.

 • Four Radically Different Factions - Choose the Path that fits your playstyle.

 • Great Replayability - Explore countless ways to victory.

 • Engaging Science Fiction World - Immerse yourself in the vivid, detailed background and story of Anachrony.

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