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Watch out, a new prisoner is arriving in town… This time, which side will you choose: will you play cops to prevent Bandida from escaping, or will you join the dark side to plan her escape? New items, special events… In this sequel to the best-selling Bandido, you'll find everything you loved about the first game and more.

With three different game modes to play and cooperate together, and have even more good times with family or friends!

The goal:

Game Mode 1: Catch Bandida!

Game mode 2: Help Bandida escape!

Game mode 3: Reunite the two lovers on the run: A variation allows players to use their Bandido and Bandida cards together, to bring the two lovers together!

Game content

70 cards (including 10 Object cards, 2 Alarm cards, 1 scale card), 1 supercard

You will like

• Cooperative game: all players win or lose together
• 3 different game modes
• Can be combined with Bandido
• Simple game rules
• Small practical size
• Can be played alone

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